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Roadrunner Saloon

Cowboy Bar And Grill

Roadrunner Saloon is a cowboy style gaming bar and restaurant, located in Summerlin, Las Vegas. We specialize in true western hospitality, treating our guests as more like family than customers. Mosey on in for a cold beer, some good eats and great friends. Our laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff will have you feeling right at home. What's life without a little down time and some great folks to spend it with.

Located on Buffalo and Washington off of Summerlin Parkway, across from Kellogg Zaher soccer complex.

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More Than A Cowboy Bar, Roadrunner Saloon is the Ultimate Sports Haven in Las Vegas

Hey, sports fans! Ready for the ultimate game-day experience right here in the heart of Las Vegas? Roadrunner Saloon is your go-to spot to catch all the action, feel the energy, and enjoy the best burgers in town. Whether you're cheering for the Broncos, yelling for a hockey goal, or living every touchdown of college football, we've got you covered.

Hockey Nights at Roadrunner Saloon with your Vegas Golden Knights

Get ready to drop the puck! The Roadrunner Western Bar turns into a fortress for Vegas Golden Knights fans every game night. Think of it as your local ice rink minus the cold, filled with the roar of VGK supporters and clinking glasses. Don’t miss our hockey-themed nights and specials that make every game a winning occasion.

NFL Football

NFL and Broncos Fan Let’s Ride to Victory

Now, let’s talk football—Denver Broncos style! The Roadrunner Saloon is your front-row seat to all things Broncos. On game days, the vibe here is electric, with Broncos banners and colors lighting up the space. Dive into our game-day specials with some of the best burgers in Las Vegas, and let’s cheer on the Broncos to victory. It’s like Mile High magic without the altitude!

College Football

College Football Fanfare

Calling all college football aficionados! Roadrunner Saloon captures the college spirit perfectly with live broadcasts, tailgating specials, and a crowd that’s all about football. Join us to catch every pass, run, and tackle, surrounded by fellow die-hards.

Don’t miss a moment of the action! Roadrunner Saloon is Las Vegas's Sports Epicenter

Why choose Roadrunner Saloon for your sports fix? Because we're more than just a bar. We're a Las Vegas hotspot where great games meet great times, and every burger is a touchdown of taste. Not only are you getting the best seat outside the stadium, you're also part of a vibrant community that knows how to have fun and celebrate every sport under the sun.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

When are the best times to catch the Denver Broncos games?

Broncos games turn our venue into a blue and orange fest, so come on down during game days for the full experience!

What specials are available during VGK games?

Yes! We roll out the red carpet with drink and food deals to make VGK games even more thrilling.

Got any vegetarian options at these best burgers in Las Vegas?

You bet! Our menu is stacked with vegetarian options that even meat lovers admire.

Can I book Roadrunner Saloon for private events?

Absolutely! We love hosting private parties. Contact us for the scoop on making your event unforgettable.

How early should I get here before a big game?

An hour should do the trick! It gives you plenty of time to grab a seat, order one of those best burgers in Las Vegas, and soak up the pre-game excitement.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to Roadrunner Saloon for the next game day. This is where Las Vegas celebrates sports, and you definitely want to be in on the action!